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YOUR DIVINE FINGERPRINT: The Force That Makes You Unstoppable

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That which makes you different, makes you great!

When he was fourteen, Keith Craft looked at his right hand and realized that he had a fingerprint that nobody else had and that no one else ever would. God had made him unique. Today Keith Craft believes the glory of God is literally revealed in the individual fingerprint that He has given us. In Your Divine Fingerprint, Craft teaches you how to identify, amplify, and celebrate your uniqueness—and your connection to God.

You connect with God when you turn a defining moment into a miracle moment by making a decision and then taking action. When you understand the power you have to choose how a moment will affect you, you can then begin to define the moment instead of the moment defining you. And by taking action, you get nearer to fully living the greatness that God has given you and has given to no one else—the 1% you have that no one else has.

Pastor Keith Craft wants you to realize your greatness. He wants to give you the tools to overcome your blind spots, to find your winning edge, and to become the greatest thing you can be for the rest of the world—a servant leader. He wants to challenge you to believe not only that God created you but that God has a great purpose for your life. When you believe this, your life turns from natural to supernatural. And you start to live the blessed life that God wants you to live!

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  • lesbrown
    Keith Craft's Your Divine Fingerprint takes self empowerment to the next level because it positively impacts your mind, heart and spirit. Each chapter will inspire you to discover your purpose, manifest your greatness and become an unstoppable force in pursuit of your dreams. A powerful, step by step guide for helping you live your greatest life.

    Les Brown / Author of Live your Dreams /

  • PhilCooke
    Keith Craft is one of the most driven leaders I've ever met, and "Your Divine Fingerprint" is the perfect expression of his message that the smallest difference can make all the difference. At this moment you may have no influence, money, or power.  But when you discover what's inside this book, everything will start to change.  Trust me, you'll never regret the journey.

    Phil Cooke Ph.D / Cooke Pictures /

  • CraigGroeschel
    God designed you with distinct characteristics for a unique purpose that only you can fulfill. In Your Divine Finger Print, Keith Craft will help you discover, develop and deploy leadership gifts to make a lasting difference in this world.

    Craig Groeschel / Senior Pastor of /

  • robertm
    In an approachable and humorous way, Keith Craft examines how elevating our thinking about the moments in our lives—even the horrible and uncomfortable ones—gives us momentum to become the men and women of faith and influence God created us to be. I believe Your Divine Fingerprint will bless anyone who reads with the freedom to develop your own unique, God-given fingerprint.

    Robert Morris / Senior Pastor - Gateway Church /

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